Server crashes can affect any business, and can stem from such mundane causes as human error, power outage and hardware failure. A local backup or off-site cloud storage solution may provide some relief in the form of simple recovery of files, folder, and email data, but may be insufficient to address total server loss. For an enterprise solution that provides comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity even in the event of total server failure, consider Boro IT backup services.

Recovering from an Incident or Disaster

As part of your move to Boro IT’s backup solution, we will set up, configure and monitor your backup. In the event that your organization needs to recover from a disaster or data loss we will quickly and effectively restore your data. In the event that your primary servers are unavailable and our service has been used to temporarily replace them either locally or in the cloud, changes to your environment are synchronized back to your original servers when they become available again.


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